Beyond College: Making the Most of Your Degree

Originally published May 2013, online student newsletter.

What is most important to you in earning a degree?  Is it the classes you take?  The people you connect with?  Those are important aspects, to be sure. But what if your degree could set you up for success, not only now, but for whatever comes next?

With the flexibility of CollegePlus, you can take advantage of the opportunities in front of you to find internships, study abroad, job shadow, and build your resume now.  Interested in hearing how?  Let me tell you about a few of my students who have done just that.

When Jordan realized that she could do her courses from anywhere, she decided to do just that! She spent 3 months in Japan supporting a missionary family while working on CP’s Social Justice course. Now she is finishing up her last three courses from Alaska, where she is working as a nanny for her cousin!

Chelsea took advantage of TESC’s flexible transfer policies to take courses from multiple sources. In addition to CLEP exams and and TESC courses, she also enrolled in a private college for a semester, took a film course, and spent a semester in Germany studying abroad!  Her diverse experience set her up for a post-college film internship and instilled a love for travel–she’s heading back to Europe this summer!

While taking a Signature Leadership Course, Gabrielle’s passion to serve young ladies was rekindled.  She wants to write a book… but wondered how to do that while working and doing school full-time?  Well, just last month, she took two weeks off of school to get a jumpstart on her book.  She spent time organizing her thoughts and developing a plan to achieve her dream. Now she is planning to finish school and start a book!

Perhaps one of these ladies (who are all very real and busy people!) reminds you of one of your dreams. School is important, true. But don’t wait to live your dream now!  You have time and flexibility like you may never have again.  So take advantage of it! Learn! Travel! Write! And do it now while you have the chance.

Over the next few months, I would like to partner with you to explore ways that you can make the most of your college experience. Ways that you can build your resume, find internships, job shadow, study abroad, or pursue your passions right where you are.

Many thanks to Jordan, Chelsea, and Gabrielle for their permission to use a small part of their amazing stories. Chelsea also offered to talk with anyone who has questions about her experience. If you’re interested, I will put you in touch!

Image: Steven Depolo, CC